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Dutch student finds innovative use of drones in emergency healthcare

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Emergency healthcare has evolved over the decades and is undoubtedly at its unprecedented best. But there is always room for improvement, especially when it relates to something as serious as life and death. There are many medical conditions that offer little scope for emergency responses. Fatal accidents, cardiac arrests and strokes among many other conditions can be extremely challenging to respond to. Of more than 800,000 people suffering cardiac arrests across the European Union in a year, only 8% manage to survive. That is a staggering 740,000 and possibly more succumbing to cardiac arrests.

Most cardiac arrests can be contained with a defibrillator. But the trouble is the time which emergency services take to reach a patient. Cardiac arrests typically leave six or eight minutes at the most for a person to survive and if no emergency response is available in those minutes, then chances of survival are less than 10%. Across Europe, the standard emergency response system takes ten minutes at the least. To quicken the emergency response system, Alec Momont has developed a drone that can carry a defibrillator to the exact place where a patient suffering cardiac arrest is and it can also facilitate the using of the defibrillator.

Alec Momont is a student of Delft Technical University’s Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering and as a part of his graduation program he has designed an autonomous, unmanned medical drone that will trace the cell phone signal of a person and will use GPS to fly to the place in less than eight or six minutes. The drone can cater to an area of 12 sq km and it can travel at a speed of about 100 km/h. It weighs 4 kg and it has a load bearing capacity of 4 kg. The drone can carry a defibrillator and it will also connect the people at the site to emergency healthcare personnel who can guide the people onsite to use the defibrillator for the person suffering cardiac arrest. The live audio and video connection can also get doctors to see and control the situation at the site. The drone is autonomous so there is little scope of human error or delays. No one has to dispatch the drone and it can find its way without any remote monitoring or controlling.

This is not the first time drones are being used for delivering medical equipment or any other item. Domestic and international couriers have been testing drones across several countries. Even some cheap international couriers send parcel to Netherlands using drones. But the context in which this medical drone has been designed is certainly life altering, and life saving.

Learn English Proverbs and their meanings

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This stuff will help you to improve your English Skill in terms of reading, writing , listening, speaking.You can learn English language by just understanding some proverbs and also checking the sentence formation with in the given proverbs. Proverbs also helps us to know the wisdom behind every proverb. So I am giving famous proverbs and their internal meaning as you all want to learn English and gain wisdom. Learning English depends on all these aspects. Proverbs are specially designed by famous English Trainer Shyam Reddy who can also guide you free on how to learn English effectively.

To learn English effectively, you must first learn how to form sentences with right structure. Here comes the importance of proverbs because proverbs have very beautiful sentence formation and though grammar is not seen much but it resides inbuilt and invisible within the proverb. We skip words to get the rhyme. In this way one can learn effectively the language of English. I congratulate all the readers who are reading this article and you can learn from this article in a better possible way. Visit


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Backed-up water can cause serious property damage, and dirty water can quickly become a health hazard for your family. When you start havingplumbing drain issues, you need to take care of them as soon as possible.

What Are The Signs of Drain Problems?
The most common signs that you have problems with your plumbinginclude backed-up drains or toilets, noisy pipes, bad smells, low water pressure, and slow-draining sinksand tubs.

And there are any of a number of causes responsible for plumbing issues. Stoppages, breakages, leaks, and pipe damage will all cause problems. Sometimes the problems are caused by members of the household, who put too much material or the wrong material into the toilet or down the drains. Sometimes a pipe breaks due to age, sometimes a leak develops due to earth movement. And often, tree roots around an underground pipe can cause damage to the pipe and can often intrude into the pipe, continuing to grow until they have totally blocked the pipe.

Until recently, finding the exact nature and location of a plumbing problem in your pipes often required digging up and exposing large portions of underground pipes or jackhammering through huge concrete slabs to get to the problem. Today, the plumber has a range of tools which can help locate and resolve drain problemsmore easily than ever before possible.

The most essential diagnostic tool available to the modern plumber is the video camera inspection system. Awaterproof video camera, fitted with built-in lights, is attached to a stiff cable and then inserted into almost any plumbing line. The camera shows the plumber exactly what’s going on down there. It’s sometimes not a pretty picture, but it’s still an essential one.

Video camera inspection has changed plumbing forever. The exact location of any stoppage can now be easily pinpointed, the nature of interior pipe damage can be more precisely determined, and the presence of tree roots or damage by tree roots can be instantly detected.

Only after the plumber has inserted the camera into the line and gotten a good picture can he make an accurate assessment of the situation and then determine the best method of resolving this particular issue.

Again, today’s plumber has a choice of high-tech equipment to resolve most plumbing issues. To clear drains, he has two options: the simpler one is the electric-powered auguring tool (“plumber’s snake”) to drill through the obstruction and break it up; or there’s the far more sophisticated hydrojet machine, which blasts away even the most stubborn obstructions with high pressure water and also scours and cleans the insides of the pipes.

If he has to repair or replace part of a damaged or broken pipe, today’s plumber has to do less damage to property in order to get to the exact spot: the video inspection has told him exactly where the problem is situated. And now there’s “Trenchless Technology” which allows for the replacement or relining of an underground sewer pipe with almost no intrusive digging required.

After the job is done, the plumber then inserts the video camera back into the line to make sure everything is working the way it is supposed to be. If it wasn’t a pretty picture before, it should be now.

The Closed Mind Is An Unteachable Mind — Open Your Mind And Release Your Ambitions

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Do you dream of a more exciting, fulfilling life, do you feel like every day is the same as the next. Beware of a closed mind if you have a closed mind then it is unteachable if you desire a better way of life then you have must Open your mind and release your ambitions and to do this is very simple you need education.

Education will broaden your mind you will discover that success is not just about monetary and material possessions, it can show as having abundance which can take take on many several forms in life and nature.

Your mind is naturally wanting to develop, its desire to grow and become stronger your mind craves education in order to achieve any ambitions you may have, but to do this you need to move forward and the first thing you need to do is release the negativity gain faith in your ability to learn

You may feel like you are being pulled back into your comfort zone, but you need to resolve this and have the will to change ones whole life and accomplish the goals and ambitions you have, having a open mind is very important to the outcome of your success.

If one has a closed mind they will take things at face value and not be concerned for any evidence that would prove otherwise,if evidence was to be presented they will most definitely ignore it.

However with an open mind before making any decision, you would gather up any information right or wrong collect as much data available before reaching a conclusion based only on facts and evidence.

An open mind will allow you to research opportunities and possibilities big or small, before coming to a final decision.

A closed mind is some what stubborn, wanting what the mind sees, but wanting it now and wanting it exactly as the mind sees it, nor is the mind willing to accept a substitute.

With a closed mind being some what stubborn and it now allow you to try new things, so therefore no progress, ambitions will ever have a chance to grow and improve.

The mind is a very powerful tool, the mind can visualize images, the mind can create what the mind sees it can believe, feel and think.

Although the mind is powerful, just simply imagine how you would like your life to be, it does not have the power to make it just materialize, meaning that you have the power to imagine means simply you have the power and are capably to educate yourself to work on and to achieve your goals.

Once you learn to open your mind to success and remove the limiting thoughts and expand your knowledge your attitude and thoughts will change and you will realize your life’s direction and it will begin to change.

Focus on the positive things and not the negatives, widen your thoughts and believe in yourself.

Here are a few ways you can achieve positive thought for success:

* Educate yourself with reading inspirational books, start to imaging what sort of life you would like to have, what you would like to achieve.

* Read about successful people, read books outlining how others set out their goals how they may have struggled to achieve these goals, but never quit.

* Take a moment out to reflect on your goals, get comfortable close your eyes and focus, set a clear mental picture in your mind of how you would like your life to be, repeat to yourself and out loud that you can you will achieve it.

* Just as your body needs water and food to survive your brain needs nourishment to its needs positive thoughts when you are going to sleep when you awaken when you at lunch in fact anytime at all, do not allow negative thoughts to come into your mind.

Be strong – stay focused – think of only positive thoughts – stamp on them negative thoughts – open your mind – never entertain fear, take an opportunity, if you fail see it as a learning curve get up brush yourself down and try again.

Every successful person out there failed at sometime along their journey to success, but the one thing they did not do is quit.. they educated their self more so as to overcome any obstacle that would try to bring them down.

Taking The Positive Parenting Strategy To Child Nurturing

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There is quite a bit of talk about positive parenting these days, though not everyone agrees on what this means. Mostly, though, it has to do with parents being able to communicate effectively with their children and encouraging positive behavior in their children. However, it’s also important for parents to deal with behavior problems in their children and correct those problems. It is possible to do this in a positive way. In this article, we’ll discuss a few positive parenting strategies you can use.

Giving praise is one of the most crucial components of positive parenting. This must be done correctly, though, otherwise you won’t be able to properly communicate the message to your child. Sure, it’s good to tell your child he or she is great in general, but it’s important that you be specific as well. Praise your child for a specific positive action he or she has done, like getting a good grade on his or her report card. Of course, you don’t want to use praise so much that it’s meaningless. You should use praise consistently, but only when it’s appropriate, so your child will know that you are being genuine when you offer it. Regular family time is important. This isn’t even necessary to point out a few years ago. But these days, families hardly sit down and eat dinner together. It’s important that you do everything you can to create some quality family time at least once a week despite your hectic schedule. Your first thought might be to have movie night, but you’ll want to do something that has everyone participating. Try playing a sport or game, or even having a family outing on weekends. This is a great way for children and parents to bond. When you have quality family time, your kids are more likely to feel secure and be more well-adjusted individuals.

Positive parents encourage their children to explore new things. Education toys are great for this. Your child may have a natural talent for art, or be interested in some type of learning. Schedule trips to the zoo, planetarium, or any other education place that will encourage your child’s interests even further. Because most children like playing on the computer or watching TV, why not use these devices to help them learn new things? If you’re allowing your children to use the computer, you can have them play educational games. The above are just a few effective methods to practice positive parenting. Who says parenting is easy? You can look forward to many hurdles. Yet if you make a consistent effort to listen to and communicate with your child and reward his or her positive behavior, you’ll find that your job as a parent becomes quite a bit easier.

Key Essentials Of Personality Development

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Personality development is the development of organized behavioral pattern and characteristics to create a strong and positive image of self. The term ‘personality’ is itself a complete dictionary of various traits and characteristics. It has several hidden meanings and definitions that form the impression of an individual in the society or any specific group.

The development of personality starts immediately after birth. During the course of life various factors continuously keep influencing the formation and development of specific traits in an individual’s personality. Some of the most common factors are temperament, education, biological system, surrounding, environmental factors, family background, education, and the cultural beliefs. The ongoing interaction of these factors leads to the development of an individual’s personality.

Different individuals have different set of characteristics and temperament because they are all born under different set of environmental, biological, and physical factors. Every one is unique in its own way but the route to achieve a positive and realistic personality can be common. Within each one of us there are immense possibilities to develop our personality with strong character.

If you are one among those who wish to achieve milestones in life with a positive approach then you need to define, analyze, and develop your personality. There are many ways and methods for positive development of your personality.

You should be polite and sweet to all. Sweetness in your heart and in your words goes a long way in creating your image in people’s eyes. You should have a control over your words and language as it will further control your actions as well. Apart from that every word you speak should be from the depth of your word that delivers the complete truth. Don’t deceive anyone with lies, false promises, or any kind of fraud. Society gives respect to such a person as the sweetness in their words and actions as well as their honesty touch people’s heart. People form an impression that a specific person is a good person by heart and won’t ever hurt anyone by rude words or wrong deeds.

Furthermore, optimism is the key ingredient that strongly supports personality development. Life is not at all a bed of roses; it has thorns on its way. During the course of life every one has to pass through troubled times, challenges, and dark nights. On your way, you may stumble, may feel depressed and disheartened, and some times the storm of life may tear you apart but a positive attitude is one thing that will keep you going. So, you should always have a positive approach in life. There are people who are rich in talents, knowledge, and experience but sadly they fail to win success, they fail to win life. It’s not because they don’t work hard but because they have a narrow outlook in life that pushes them backwards.

Apart from these, you should also have a control over your emotions. Showing wrong emotions at the wrong time may hamper your image in the society and people may look down upon you. You should know which emotion to show at what time and furthermore, emotions like anger, jealousy, and hatred should be killed. You should also spare some time for socializing with people to listen to their worries and show concern. There are many helpless and homeless people in this world; they all just need one helping hand to rise up in life. Hold the hand of at least one among them and you’ll rise up in people’s eyes. Always keep in mind that by helping people you are not only making yourself rise in people’s eyes and hearts but also for improving your traits and temperament, creating a powerful personality of yourself that is powerful, impressive, and socially viable.

How A Positive Attitude Can Shift Your Life

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Your ability to be happy and successful in life is directly related to your ability to control your own thinking. Research has shown that typically we have over 60,000 thoughts per day. Our thoughts create our lives as we go and define who we are. There is nothing that you do in life that has not been preceded by a thought. Science (quantum physics specifically) has proven that your thoughts create your reality; something spiritual teachings have been saying as truth for hundreds of years.

Your 60,000+ thoughts each day, therefore, are creating your life as you go along. Many people allow their mind to just think without thinking about what they are thinking about. Does that sound like you? It is very easy to do. So easy, in fact, that most people go through their entire lives simply allowing their minds to meander without purpose, thinking all sorts of unedited and unsupervised thoughts. This unsupervised thinking mind can get us into all sorts of trouble, or with a little guidance and education, can turn our lives from misery to ecstasy instantaneously.

The first step to gaining a positive mental attitude is awareness. Simply become aware of your thoughts instead of allowing your mind to do its own thing. Listen to the voice in your head and take note of the types of thoughts that you have. Pretend that your thoughts are your best friend and listen to what your friend is saying to you all day, every day. Does your best friend support you totally and absolutely? Does she have sympathy for you when you make mistakes? Does she have patience? Does she know how to have fun or is she only a taskmaster? Does your best friend condemn you incessantly?

To become happy and successful you need to think as if you are the most patient, compassionate, and supportive friend that you have. Your thoughts need to be based on non-judgmental self-love. If you find that you are not having thoughts that are patient, compassionate, and supportive towards yourself, then the next step is to clean house.

Getting rid of habitual negative thinking is easier than you can imagine. After all, you have total and complete control over the process. One of the easiest ways to start eliminating negative thinking is to first become aware of those thoughts that are negative, and then to stop your thoughts mid-stream and change them into positive thoughts. For example: “I’ll never get that raise. This company hates me.” This thought is actually two negative thoughts; one about your ability to get a raise, and one about your company and how it may or may not feel about you. If you believe that your thoughts create your reality then you can quickly see how your future is laid out before you – it is unlikely that you will ever get a raise because you have already decided that your company hates you. Whether or not you believe these thoughts, you must start to change them to change your life. So, next time you start to think, “I’ll never get that raise.” Change it instead to something like, “I am an excellent employee and I know that I am going to be paid fairly for my efforts” As for your thoughts about your company, change them to, “My company appreciates me.”

At first, it may feel like a falsehood to you because your mind has convinced you that it knows the truth. But keep this thought in mind: The truth is what you make it. If you really want to be broke and constantly looking for a new and better job, then keep thinking negatively. If you want more money, to be appreciated, and paid fairly, then you first have to start with yourself, with your thinking.

Another great way to start eradicating habitual negative thinking is to use affirmations. Affirmations are simply positive statements said in the present tense. An example of a positive, present tense affirmation is, “I am a great employee.”

One of the most effective techniques that I have personally employed to reverse a life-long habit of negative thinking is to tie affirmations to flooding. Flooding is a training technique, often used on animals, and entails continually subjecting yourself to a new way of thinking. I committed to using flooding with affirmations for 28 days, and within only a few days, had very good results. Each day upon awakening, I would start with silent affirmations. With each breath out, I would say an affirmation that I made up on the spot. “I am beautiful.” “I am creative.” “I am capable of anything.” “I have good friends.” “I am compassionate.” “I am trustworthy.” I just made them up. As the day went on, whenever I would find my mind wandering to negative thinking, or just thinking about something that wasn’t valuable or directly related to my life, I would start in again with the affirmations.

Another aspect of flooding that I used involved reading inspirational books or articles every day. Whatever you may be interested in, find the best, most positive authors on the subject, and read at least 10 pages each day. For instance, if you are interested in making more money, start reading some of Napoleon Hill’s books, such as Think and Grow Rich. If you want to learn how to harness the power of The Secret, try The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer. If you want to improve your diet or exercise, search for inspiring stories, books, or role models that you can learn from.

Changing your habitual thinking will require a concerted effort on your part, but it won’t take nearly as long as you think if you make a promise to change and employ some of my suggestions. There are also many books available on positive thinking. Go to and simply search for “positive thinking.” Changing from a negative mindset to a positive one will have far-reaching effects on your life, all good. So, good luck!